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    Juliet or Vivian.

    I love Juliet Jane together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by machmom View Post
    Well, baby girl is due on June 13th and I just can't decide on my favorite baby name. What do you guys think of the following?

    First names:


    Middle names: Madeline, Juliet, or Jane

    Sister: Scarlett Cate
    I like Elise Madeline, Aria Juliet, Vivian Jane... My fave is Elise. Elise Madeline, Elise Juliet and Elise Jane are all nice.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I don't particularly like Alexandra (although Alessandria is one of my favourite middles), and I don't like Eloise or Elise. I prefer Ella to Elle, but it's getting quite common now.
    Madeline is one of my favourite middles, but it is quite popular now (I know 7 aged between 5 and 25) so if you don't like super popular names I'd avoid this one.
    I love Juliette (spelt like this) - it just seems so feminine and elegant, and it would suit a woman of any age. Aria is one of my all time favourites, and I prefer Vivienne over Vivian.

    My favourites out of your list are Aria and Juliette

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    Vivian, Madeline, and Eloise are my favorites from your list.
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    Vivian is my favourite but then I remembered that Vivien Leigh played Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind" so maybe that's not the best choice. As far as style is concerned, Aria "fits" but Aria is too similar in sound to Scarlett. Juliet and Scarlett share the same ending and Alexandra seems too traditional with Scarlett. Eloise Jane nn Elle would be my first choice followed by Elise Madeline. Have you considered the French names of Elodie or Eliane?
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