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Thread: Vintage M names

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    Ahh vintage M names... a girl after my own heart.

    I've had this same conversation. Does choosing one elimamte the rest. I think if you are prepared to use nicknames then they are definitely usable together

    My faves from your list are:

    I'm not really a fan of Margot, Mabel.
    I agree that Irene and Elise go with all of them.

    I the Margaret Inge is stunning
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    Margaret's my favourite. I like the nn's Maggie and Greta.

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    I think all of them are good, but my favourite is Margot followed by Mathilda. Magnolia is nice as well. Of the middles I like Elise and Irene.
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    Margot Irene and Matilda Elise are great and different enough to make good sister names
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    I love both Magnolia and Matilda! Tilly and May would be such cute future sisters! Elise and Irene go well with both names. My favorite combos would be Matilda Elise and Magnolia Irene. Also, I wouldn't call them exactly trendy...they are more "girls names on the rise" I would say. At least on Nameberry! Good luck!
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