View Poll Results: Which set do you prefer for twin boys?

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  • Sam & Ben (Samuel Christopher & Benjamin Emmert)

    23 36.51%
  • Felix & Leo (Felix Christopher & Leo Emmert)

    40 63.49%
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Thread: Which set?

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    Which set?

    Which set for boy twins do you prefer?

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    I voted for Sam and Ben only because I feel that Felix and Leo are a little hard to say together because of the L in both the names. I prefer the names Felix and Leo over Samuel and Benjamin but I think Samuel and Benjamin have the same feel and just go together a lot better.

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    Like both, but had to vote for Felix. Wouldn't mind seeing Felix and Sam.
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    I voted for Sam and Ben. Leo is a lion, and Felix is a cat... so it was a bit too feline of a pairing for my liking. Also, Felix feels uber nerdy, while Leo feels cool and slightly trendy... they don't match to me.
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    Sam and Ben. I really just dislike the name Felix but I do like the Sam and Ben together. Love Leo.
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