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    Magnolia vs Marigold

    What are your thoughts? Which is better & why? What is more usable? What nickname would you use? What middle name would you use, or what type of middle?

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    I prefer Magnolia. It has southern charm and I love the nickname Maggie. Marigold is pretty too, but not as great (in my opinion) as Magnolia.
    Magnolia Clementine would be my combination.

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    I love Magnolia, but not nn Maggie, I would be called Nolie probably. Marigold is also darling, though once again I dislike the nn Goldie, but like Mary. Can't go wrong with either!
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    I much prefer Marigold- something about the "nole" sound in Magnolia doesn't work for me. I'd use Maggie as a nn, and something along the lines of Blythe or Isla for a mn.
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    Magnolia does have the southern charm factor. Clementine in the middle is too much for me though. It feels cloying in a combo. Maybe as 2 sisters?

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