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    Saskia, Alexia and Lydia are my favourite combos.
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    Gorgeous choices and none too frilly for me. My top 3, in no particular order since it's too difficult, would be:

    Saskia Rose
    Helena Rose
    Althea Rose

    Lydia was close behind. I'm not keen on Alexia, and Morgana is ok but I don't love it. Saskia, Helena and Althea though are wonderful. Underused but familiar and not outlandish. Feminine yet strong, and all oh so pretty. I love them all. How do you pronounce Helena? he-LANE-uh or HELL-eh-nuh? I've heard both and actually like both but just curious.

    Good luck!
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    Saskia Rose, Lydia Rose & Helena Rose stand out to me - all are lovely.
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    I actually know a Lydia Rose! I think it's quite lovely. I also think Althea Rose is gorgeous. My absolute favorite though is Saskia Rose. I think it has great flow and Saskia has a little bit of spunk that fits nicely along the softer Rose.
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