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  • Francesca nn Frankie St. Lawrence

    20 58.82%
  • Rebecca nn Becca St. Lawrence

    14 41.18%
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Thread: A new name

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    A new name

    I would like to rename myself soon, and based on my last thread, the feedback was unclear.
    As a poll, I'm asking you which name.
    If you have time, I would love some feedback on why you chose whichever name.
    St. Lawrence is the last name; not a mn.

    A description of me:
    Rebellious, daring, musical (I play several instruments), love names , like color pink and I have an interesting style sense.

    On nameberry, I go by Mehri.
    Thank you!

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    How old are you? And why are you changing your surname in particular?
    Blade, MD

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    Francesca is totally that description for me! Rebecca is too sweet and gentle, she's the girl that's eager to please everyone.
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    @blade: I really don't want to share my age on the internet; but I am at a stage in my life where I have an opportunity for a new beginning.
    I would change my last name to St. Lawrence for a couple of reasons:
    a) It's a family name that I love
    b) It honors my grandfather, who I know had a say in my name, and although I am hoping to change my name, which is sort of dishonorable because I'm refusing the name my parents gave me, I want to keep myself in the family. Does that make sense?

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    I prefer Francesca over Rebecca.
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