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    When I found mine I bought it it was the last one in a damaged case and cost 2 bucks it was a hairbrush but still.
    My brother has a popular name and has seen his name a few times my sister however has an unusual name and has never seen anything with her name on it.
    That said I used to like more popular names and now I think to only one I would be able to find is Matilda or maybe Ellie which I would use as a nickname.

    ♀isobel jamesie. eloise. matilda. eleanor. amelia. elena. mirabel. felicity. phoebe. eilidh. rosalia. roisin. azalea. arabella. genevieve. elodie. tallulah. ruby. rebecca.

    ♂eamon harris. tiago. cooper. hayes. jack. jago. flynn. archer. lincoln. asher. alfie. taylor. baxter. finnian. lawson. lewis. oscar. fletcher. caspian. brooklyn.

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