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    Help needed for my 1980's-born female lead

    Hi, everybody. I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, a July spin-off of November's 50,000 word challenge. I have everything figured out... Except for my main female character's name.

    She was born in 1982. I don't mind where she was born, but by 1998, she is living in Hawaii. It doesn't have to be a traditional Hawiian name, but I wouldn't be against it. Also, her parents are not the type to worry about name trends at all, so don't worry about how popular or otherwise it would be.

    This character is a homeschooling 'unschooler.' She doesn't do well with pressure, but excels independently. She was failing in traditional schools. But once she was on her own, she became multi-lingual (just for fun), started to bloom in math and science areas, and pursued many hobbies. Therefore, I need a name that sounds independent and unique, possibly tied to multiple cultures, and could fit many different images.

    I haven't quite decided what she looks like yet. I tend to like to use the visual impression I get from the name. But I would like her to have brown hair, hazel eyes, a slight tan, and a tall, thicker build.

    And now for my pickiest part of all. I can't have a name that starts with a C, K, or Sh. I'd like to avoid N's as well, but they'd still be okay, if the name is right. I would also like to avoid vowel endings. One or three syllables is preferable, but not necessary.

    Some names I had previously considered were Sadie, Noelle, and Annabelle.

    Thanks, everyone!
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    Laura was my first instinct. And it's spelt Hawaii by the way

    Jory Leander Atticus, August Eli Benedict, Casimir Mordecai Stewart,
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    Julian Remy Charles, Vasiliy Lochlan Michael.


    Aira Rose ___, Eleni Fiorella Charlotte, Sylvia Sayuri Noor,
    Merit Eleanora Adelaide, Clover Elodie Seraphine, Bridie Scarlett Viola,
    Marguerite Cecilia Iris, Eilidh Clara Valentine.

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    It's names from Denmark, so.. They are weird. xD
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    how about Elizabeth nn Beth?

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