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    Middle name for Alice???

    I think we've decided to go with Alice as a first name but I'm stuck on a middle name. We would like to use something that is a bit more unusual than Alice and that is one syllable. Our last name is two syllables starting with a "K"

    Out of the following, which do you think works best...

    Alice Pearl
    Alice Eve
    Alice Rue

    Also, if you have any other suggestions that might work, please let me know!

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    Alice Pearl is my favourite from your choices.

    Other suggestions:
    Alice Violet
    Alice Florence
    Alice Catherine
    Alice Felicity
    Alice Sophia
    Alice Wren
    Alice Marie
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    I love Alice, but I'm not crazy about any of your middles, sorry. Alice Pearl is probably my favourite. Alice is such a short name I think it needs a longer middle to balance it out.

    Some ideas..

    Alice Victoria
    Alice Elena
    Alice Faye
    Alice Winter
    Alice Olivia
    Alice Serafina
    Alice Sophia
    Alice Lillian

    Hope that helps

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    Alice Pearl from your list, but I agree I think a longer mn would be better

    Alice Josephine
    Alice Margaret (means pearl!)
    Alice Katherine
    Alice Harriet
    Alice Elizabeth

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