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    Absolutely adore this name. It's on my list as well. I think Eliana is the best spelling and I would pronounce it EL-EE-ON-AH. The only thing I don't like is the nn Ellie. I would personally use Ella or Lia. All in all it's a beautiful name with a great meaning. Good luck

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    I think it is a very feminine and elegant name. I would pronounce it el-ee-ah-nuh. Spelling either Eliana or Elliana.
    It sounds like a European name to me, that likely has a history. I do not think it sounds like a particularly modern/trendy name as others have suggested.
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    I'd go with Eliana. (I'd pronounce this El-ee-ah-na).
    I think it's beautiful, clean, fresh, simple, and elegant.
    The extra l's and n's feel excessive and messy.
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    It's a little frilly for my taste. Feels trendy. But I do prefer it with one L and one N and I pronounce it El--ee-ah-na)

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    Thanks guys. I really like this name but i don't like the ah-na prn either. I prefer Ellie-Anna. Still wondering what the proper spelling would be to avoid pronounciation confusion. Or do you think that it would be inevitable?

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