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Thread: Phoebe Isobel

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    Phoebe Isobel

    Hi! I haven't been around in awhile as I've been busy looking after Phoebe Isobel, born on 6/18! Her first name was not on our original list of favorites but we think it's just perfect. My boss actually recommended her first name after reading a book with a character named Phoebe who also had my maiden name as a last name. It was a sign! Plus, we loved the meaning (bright or shining one) and the fact that it is a strong female name in the Bible (Romans 16). We also loved the name meaning for Isobel and the spelling is a nod to our Scottish background. Our little girl is just as perfect as her name. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on all of my posts!
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    Ok ,Phoebe Isobel is just stunning ! Its actually my favorite combo with Phoebe ! Congrats !
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    Welcome to the world, Phoebe Isobel! You have a truly stunning name
    Best regards; Julia

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    Congrats to you on the safe arrival of your baby girl, Phoebe Isobel. Phoebe is so spunky and I love the Scottish spelling Isobel.
    All the best,

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    Congratulations! Phoebe Isobel is a lovely name.

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