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    I need a name for Philippa's Sister (we call her Pippa)

    We're having another girl soon and we can't decide on a name. We have a daughter named Philippa who we called Pippa so we need a name for her sister. Please help!

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    Anastasia Pearl, Caroline Audrey, Catherine Maeve,
    Elizabeth Jane, Grace Charlotte, Rose Genevieve

    Benjamin Clark, Jack Ronan, James Frederick,
    Liam David, Luke Alexander, Patrick Elliot

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    Philippa and Anne

    Philippa and Clara

    Philippa and Juliet

    Philippa and Giselle

    Philippa and Amelia

    Philippa and Josephine, Pippa and Jo/Josie/Posie

    Philippa and Jane

    Philippa and Hazel

    Philippa and Johanna

    Philippa and Lauren

    Philippa and Sophie

    Philippa and Eve
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    Oh I like Eliza and Josephine!
    So far our top three names have been
    Philippa (Pippa) and...
    Harriet (hattie)
    Cordelia (coco)

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    Oh and I also like Josephine thanks for sharing that! Never heard Posie as a nickname for Josephine but love it!

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