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  • Margot Lillian Gwyneth

    21 31.82%
  • Lillian Gwyneth Pearl

    25 37.88%
  • Beatrice Lillian Gwyneth

    15 22.73%
  • Margot Cecily Joyce

    22 33.33%
  • Cordelia Cecily Joyce

    8 12.12%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I like the flow of Lillian Gwyneth Pearl the best, but Lillian would be my personal least favorite first name. I still gave it a vote for the best flow, along with Margot Cecily Joyce for my favorite overall name.
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    Thanks for the feedback so far. Going to let these names sit with me for a bit for the next week.
    I think we have decided no to Cordelia anyway but the others are so close.
    I love the second combo lots but worry about it being shortened all the time and the popularity of Lillian (I'm in Uk)
    Any thoughts?
    Also some people have said that when they see Margot it makes them think of Maggots? opinions on this?

    @ Ottilie she is very smily, happy and serene (didn't even cry when she was born , just looked around the room wide eyed as if taking everything in) She is a very calm and contemplative wee thing , will be silent at times, absorbing her surroundings whilst out and then very chatty when she gets home. Peolple often comment that she is more like a little girl than a baby.

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    I actually prefer the spelling Margo- removing the maggot look and makes it easier to spell in my opinion...

    But i cant say i ever thought of maggot when i looked at Margot.....

    Lillian will get Lil and Lily as nn. Margot is not as popular and very wearable for different personalities and ages.

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    I love that you've spelled Margot with a 't', this has always been my preferred way of spelling this name.

    I love both Margot Lillian Gwyneth & Beatrice Lillian Gwyneth.
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    Margot Cecily Joyce has the best flow. I also think Margot is very cute.

    My 2nd favorite would be Cordelia Cecily Joyce, I think this has the 2nd best flow and you could use the nickname Cici, which is adorable. Your poll would only let me vote for one name though & I voted for Margot Cecily.

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