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    I like hoe Ceci looks more similar to Cecilia. I think Ceci is fine, even though when I first saw it I thought sissy. But paw is right, everyone will hear her nn before they read it, so they'll know how to pronounce it. Besides, it's a nn, I wouldn't worry about spelling yet. If it's bad, your daughter won't have a problem going from Ceci to Cece. I bounce around from Allie to Alli to Ally all the time. It's no big deal.
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    I think it works. I know more people might spell it Cece, but then again they might have Cecelia as their first name. Ceci definitely makes more sense for your spelling. Good luck!
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    I think Ceci works! Before I read your question, I read them name in the subject line as "C-C". I like it like that!

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    Thanks berries for responding and calming some of my fears.
    Jillianelizabeth- I'm so glad that is how you read her name BEFORE reading the post! That makes me feel much better.
    Marinadancel17- I agree, obviously. I think Ceci is a much nicer spelling for the name, Cecilia.
    Waverly1234- What you pointed out was my biggest concern- that people would read her name as Sissy. We have a cousin with the nn Sissy, and while it fits her to a 't', it came from her brother not being able to say her name correctly, and thus trying to call her 'sister' instead. So, it has nothing to do with her original name. I want my daughter to have a nn that comes from her original name and I don't think I would want her to change the spelling all the time. Thus, we are back at the beginning of the debate; Ceci vs. Cece as a nn for Cecilia.

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    Just wanted to share this thought as well: Hubby and I live in another state from the rest of our families. When the birth announcements go out (if our second ends up being a girl) it will say something like, "We welcome with love Cecilia "Ceci" Jan Smith." It will really annoy me if all I hear about then are phone calls to the grandparents asking how to pronounce our child's nn. Is that something I need to accept as likely to happen with this spelling? What do you think?

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