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    Ines pronunciation/opinions?

    Is it ee-nez or ih-nez or uh-nez? And what do you think of it?
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    "Eye-nez" is how someone I know pronounces it.

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    Ih-nez is how I've heard it pronounced.

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    This is my daughters middle name.
    We pronounce it Ih-Nez... But lots of people say it as Eye-Nez.. Speaking from exerence, I think whichever way you chose to pronounce it you'll be correcting people!

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    We just named our daughter Inés. If you spell it with an -s at the end, I'd use the Spanish pronunciation (ee-ness). With a -z at the end, I've heard eye-nez and ih-nez.

    Obviously, I love it.
    Lucía, Sebastián, & Inés
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