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Thread: Rex & Leo

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    I like Rex and Leo; I think they're cute together. However, I think Felix and Leo go together better. Good luck!
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    Rex and Leo are great together.
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    I like those 2!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Leo & Rex don't really go together; Leo is dashing and classic to me, whereas Rex is a dog name.
    To me, Felix is a cat name (or the annoying younger brother on "Clarissa Explains it All"), and Rex is completely a dog name. Leo is an interesting, albeit somewhat trendy/ hipsterish (yes, hipsters are becoming trendy) name. Rex is... yeah... If it must be an R name... Rhys? Ross? Reid? Ray? Roy? Roscoe? Roman? Roland? Rhett? Ralph? Remy???
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    I like Leo and Rex. I have a cousin named Rex and I've always thought it was a cool name. I don't really get the "dog's name" thing. I've known a lot more canine Jaspers, Sadies and Sophies than I have Rexes, and it hasn't seemed to relegate them to the pet name world. If you wanted to use Rover or Duke or Mr. Sprinkles or something, that might be a problem.
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