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    Yoo-neek & Cre8ive? Or fine?

    The girl choosing name saga continues for me.

    Okay, I'm still really liking "Alair" which I had never heard of until I googled "names that mean happy."

    It's just that I prefer the spelling "Elair" which is not a name, at least not one that I can find. I like Elair better because it gives the nickname "Elle" and it is more intuitive to pronounce. For example, "Alaire" could be AH-lare or UH-lair. I like "UH-lare" or "EL-are" the best.

    Since it's a totally uncommon name anyway can I adopt an alternative spelling that I prefer? Or am I just as bad as Caydence/Khloe/Mykynzeee's moms?
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    Elair and Alair are pronounced differently.

    EH-lair or EE-lair
    UH-Lair or AH-lair

    So it's not about screwing up the spelling, it's about what pronunciatino you want. spell it the way you want it said.

    For the UH-lair pronunciation, use Alair.
    For the EH-lair pronunciation, I'd spell it Ellair; the two Ls help with the EH sound.
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    Elair looks like you forgot the c for Eclair to me. Sorry.
    Celianne's suggestion of Ellair definitely helps with that.
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