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    Loving Augustine nn Auggie, Hamilton nn Milo, and Thaddeus nn Teo (Tay-o)!

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    Am I saying Auggie wrong, because to me it sounds like Orgy and that's not a nice name to have at all. I like Matthias, Raphael, Dexter and Alistair a lot though.
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    It's more of an an aww sound and a hard G like in August. Auggie, rhymes with doggie.

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    Christopher with the nn Kit would be a good fit.

    There's something about the sibling set of Nico and Kit that seems rather charming.
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    I like all the names on your list-- Reuben nn Benno stands out though as the best with Dominic nn Nico.

    Some other possibilities:

    Dominic/Nico and

    Abraham Gregory (Abe)
    Albert Gregory (Bert)
    Anselm Gregory (Sel)
    Arthur Gregory (Art/Artie)
    Benedict Gregory (Benno)-- might be too close to Dominic
    Cassius Gregory (Cas)
    Edmond Gregory (Ned)
    Fabian Gregory (Fab)
    Francis Gregory (Frank)
    Frederick Gregory (Fred)
    Louis Gregory (Louie)
    Lucian Gregory (Luca)
    Philip Gregory (Flip/Pip)
    Rowland Gregory (Row)
    Sylvester Gregory (Sly)
    Tobias Gregory (Toby)
    Ulysses Gregory (Uly)

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