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    LN: Winterley

    DH: Magnus Dominic Winterley
    DW: Elsa Grier Winterley

    DS: Arlo Fielder Winterley
    DD: Eliette Ceylon Winterley
    DD: Saffron Astoria Winterley
    DS/DS: Thaddeus Bruno Winterley & Gulliver Brooks Winterley
    DD: Domino Lilac Winterley
    DS: Stellan Guthrie Winterley
    DD/DD/DD: Caia Phoenix Winterley, Zadie Valentine Winterley, & Anouk Zenobia Winterley
    DS: Dante Everest Winterley
    DS: Jericho Maverick Winterley
    DD: Eponine Dove Winterley
    DD/DS: Isis Clementina Winterley & Kipling Pierrot Winterley

    Magnus (45), Elsa (43), Arlo (18), Eliette (16), Saffron (15), Thaddeus & Gulliver (14), Domino (12), Stellan (10), Caia, Zadie, & Anouk (8), Dante (6), Jericho (5), Eponine (3), Isis & Kipling (18 mos)

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    LN: Woodlock

    DH: Tristram Magnus Ambrose
    DW: Elsa Lucienne Grier

    DS: Tarquin Montague Emlyn "Quinn"
    DD: Calla Rooney Octavia "Calla"
    DD: Melisande Finnula Saffron "Mila"
    DS/DS: Thaddeus Cashel Wiley "Tad"/ Hendrix Apollo Kaird "Henry"
    DD: Lilac Everly Boheme "Lilac"
    DS: Willoughby Gable Stellan "Will"
    DD/DD/DD: Tova Ludovine Nimue "Tova"/Zenobia Sassafras Heloise "Zia"/Mileva Jonquil Phoenix "Eva"
    DS: Bastian Everest Revere "Bash"
    DS: Maxim Thelonious Wilder "Max"
    DD: Anneke Ember Azure "Annie
    DD/DS: Clementina Pixie Auden "Clemmie"/ Argus Cassian Bear "Gus"

    Tristram and Elsa Woodlock
    Quinn, Calla, Mila, Tad, Henry, Lilac, Will, Tova, Zia, Eva, Bash, Max, Annie, Clemmie, and Gus Woodlock
    Proud Tante to two beautiful princesses and a handsome prince

    Girls - Gemma Rose Audrey, Camellia Kimberlin, Helena Anneliese, Priscilla Imogen, Lavinia Opal, Elsa Lorraine, Kerensa Violet, Agatha Lucille, Lela Hannelore, Celia Evangeline, Jordana Ivy, Zuzana Bethany, Bettina Frances

    Boys - August, Jude, Matthias, Dominic, Jerome

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