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    CAF with unusual name bank

    LN: Hoder, March, Quimby, Delamonte, Farrow, Winterley, Harmon, Gentry, Minster, Argyle, Woodlock, Bridger.

    DH: Ambrose, Barnabas, Dominic, Llewellyn, Tristram, Magnus, Elisha, Roman, Sylvester, Rex, Griffin, Shepard.
    DW: Clemence, Shoshanna, Grier, Araceli, Sabine, Alinta, Velouria, Birdie, Farrah, Lucienne, Elsa, Magali.

    DS: D'Artagnan, Rocket, Fielder, Pollux, Montague, Emlyn, Hermes, Arlo, Tarquin, Cove, Busby, Lennon.
    DD: Rooney, Odile, Calla, Aztec, Eliette, Perla, Spring, Ceylon, Octavia, Vesper, Satine, Priya.
    DD: Melisande, Ginger, Astoria, Mignon, Tuesday, Saffron, Artemis, Luxton, Pepita, Tigerlily, Finnula, Salome.
    DS/DS: Thaddeus, Brooks, Schuyler, Arkansas, Bruno, Akira, Cashel, Wiley, Jarvis, Drummer, Apollo, Laird,
    Chevy, Inigo, Hendrix, Gulliver, Jarrah, Carrillo.
    DD: Halo, Milagros, Boheme, Everly, Lilac, Ottilie, Persephone, Domino, Bijou, Neon, Ondine, Ceres.
    DS: Alias, Xavian, Willoughby, Stellan, Onyx, Gable, Aloysius, Guthrie, Egan, Falcon, Remy, Ajax.
    DD/DD/DD: Phoenix, Nala, Valentine, Sassafras, Anouk, Caia, Myrto, Paz, Nimue, Ludovine, Zadie, Jett,
    Temperance, Presley, Tova, Jonquil, Amore, Sula, Fox, Zenobia, Jezebel, Berlin, Mileva, Heloise.
    DS: Keaton, Bastian, Henley, Everest, Crusoe, Huxley, Zuma, Bodhi, North, Maxfield, Dante, Revere.
    DS: Thelonious, Wilder, Maxim, Ace, Jericho, Ossian, Ziggy, Maverick, Journey, Boston, Balthazar, Tripp.
    DD: Ember, Holiday, Lalita, Anneke, Dove, Acacia, Truly, Zora, Pixie, Eponine, Azure, Isabeau.
    DD/DS: Pixie, Clementina, Fable, Elodie, Sai, Sebastine, Embry, Gemini, Isis, Altalune, Auden, Wildflower/
    Fleet, Conway, Pierrot, Digby, Atticus, Huckleberry, Cassian, Bear, Holden, Indio, Kipling, Argus.

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    Sydney, Australia
    DS: Fielder Arlo
    DD: Octavia Spring
    DD: Salome Artemis
    DS/DS: Wiley Gulliver & Bruno Akira
    DD: Bijou Ottilie
    DS: Stellan Aloysius
    DD/DD/DD: Heloise Fox, Anouk Ludovine & Nimue Nala "Nim"
    DS: Huxley Maxfield
    DS: Balthazar Ziggy
    DD: Ember Isabeau
    DD/DS: Clementina Wildflower & Digby Cassian

    Fielder, Wiley, Bruno, Stellan, Huxley, Balthazar & Digby :: Octavia, Salome, Bijou, Heloise, Anouk, Nim, Ember & Clementina

    These names are right up my alley
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    Expecting #1 April 2014!
    Willa Primrose ~ Aria Violet ~ Iris Adeline ~ Celeste Evelyn ~ Juniper Mae
    Parker Henry ~ Linus Jasper ~ August Peter ~ Atticus Felix ~ Frederick Arlo

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    Asher-Casper-Frederick-Hector-Joshua-Lucian-Lyon-Oscar-Sebastian-Theodore please vote and tell me what you think - would love some honest opinions!

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    Name obsessed. Simple as that.

    Favorite combos for girls RIGHT NOW

    Senna Margareta
    Phoebe Cecilia
    Nina Elisabeth
    Charlotte Mary
    Lykke Amalia

    Favorite combos for boys RIGHT NOW

    James Henry
    Oliver August
    William Lars
    Axel Teodor
    Lucas Roland

    Guilty Pleasures
    Hermione Agnes. Novak James. Persephone Grace. Maximus Fredrik.

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