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    CAF with unusual name bank

    LN: Hoder, March, Quimby, Delamonte, Farrow, Winterley, Harmon, Gentry, Minster, Argyle, Woodlock, Bridger.

    DH: Ambrose, Barnabas, Dominic, Llewellyn, Tristram, Magnus, Elisha, Roman, Sylvester, Rex, Griffin, Shepard.
    DW: Clemence, Shoshanna, Grier, Araceli, Sabine, Alinta, Velouria, Birdie, Farrah, Lucienne, Elsa, Magali.

    DS: D'Artagnan, Rocket, Fielder, Pollux, Montague, Emlyn, Hermes, Arlo, Tarquin, Cove, Busby, Lennon.
    DD: Rooney, Odile, Calla, Aztec, Eliette, Perla, Spring, Ceylon, Octavia, Vesper, Satine, Priya.
    DD: Melisande, Ginger, Astoria, Mignon, Tuesday, Saffron, Artemis, Luxton, Pepita, Tigerlily, Finnula, Salome.
    DS/DS: Thaddeus, Brooks, Schuyler, Arkansas, Bruno, Akira, Cashel, Wiley, Jarvis, Drummer, Apollo, Laird,
    Chevy, Inigo, Hendrix, Gulliver, Jarrah, Carrillo.
    DD: Halo, Milagros, Boheme, Everly, Lilac, Ottilie, Persephone, Domino, Bijou, Neon, Ondine, Ceres.
    DS: Alias, Xavian, Willoughby, Stellan, Onyx, Gable, Aloysius, Guthrie, Egan, Falcon, Remy, Ajax.
    DD/DD/DD: Phoenix, Nala, Valentine, Sassafras, Anouk, Caia, Myrto, Paz, Nimue, Ludovine, Zadie, Jett,
    Temperance, Presley, Tova, Jonquil, Amore, Sula, Fox, Zenobia, Jezebel, Berlin, Mileva, Heloise.
    DS: Keaton, Bastian, Henley, Everest, Crusoe, Huxley, Zuma, Bodhi, North, Maxfield, Dante, Revere.
    DS: Thelonious, Wilder, Maxim, Ace, Jericho, Ossian, Ziggy, Maverick, Journey, Boston, Balthazar, Tripp.
    DD: Ember, Holiday, Lalita, Anneke, Dove, Acacia, Truly, Zora, Pixie, Eponine, Azure, Isabeau.
    DD/DS: Pixie, Clementina, Fable, Elodie, Sai, Sebastine, Embry, Gemini, Isis, Altalune, Auden, Wildflower/
    Fleet, Conway, Pierrot, Digby, Atticus, Huckleberry, Cassian, Bear, Holden, Indio, Kipling, Argus.

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    Sydney, Australia
    DS: Fielder Arlo
    DD: Octavia Spring
    DD: Salome Artemis
    DS/DS: Wiley Gulliver & Bruno Akira
    DD: Bijou Ottilie
    DS: Stellan Aloysius
    DD/DD/DD: Heloise Fox, Anouk Ludovine & Nimue Nala "Nim"
    DS: Huxley Maxfield
    DS: Balthazar Ziggy
    DD: Ember Isabeau
    DD/DS: Clementina Wildflower & Digby Cassian

    Fielder, Wiley, Bruno, Stellan, Huxley, Balthazar & Digby :: Octavia, Salome, Bijou, Heloise, Anouk, Nim, Ember & Clementina

    These names are right up my alley
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    Expecting #1 April 2014!
    Willa Primrose ~ Aria Violet ~ Iris Adeline ~ Celeste Evelyn ~ Juniper Mae
    Parker Henry ~ Linus Jasper ~ August Peter ~ Atticus Felix ~ Frederick Arlo

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    Asher-Casper-Frederick-Hector-Joshua-Lucian-Lyon-Oscar-Sebastian-Theodore please vote and tell me what you think - would love some honest opinions!

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    Name obsessed. Likes classic, vintage, modern, biblical and floral names.

    Favorite name combos for girls RIGHT NOW

    Edith Caroline*Poppy Elise*Matilda June*Charlotte Mary*Stella Vivienne*Ruby Elisabeth*Penelope Rose*

    Favorite name combos for boys RIGHT NOW
    James Henry*Sebastian Charles*Caleb James*William August*Alexander John*Owen Nicholas*Isaiah Paul*

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