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    Oooh Part 2?!?! I'll give 10 more.

    I'll warn the second part of this is namesake-heavy, and those would probably only go in the middle spot.

    Aurelia - Ancient and golden.

    Twain - A worthy namesake for a boy. I think of the name and smile. Even the name is serious and literary, but can't help but have a bit of a mischievous, sly grin.

    Atticus - After I posted last time, I realized I had left this one off. I know all the naysayer's opinions on it, but I'm one of ones who love the book, and love the character, and can't see anything wrong with giving a child something to look up to.

    Linnea - A beautiful, flowing girl's name that still works as a woman's name. It's also extremely rare to find a girl's name with scientific ties. For my SO and me, that rates very highly and is something to be treasured.

    Frederick - Despite its connection to Frederick the Great, its meaning is actually related to peace. I also love the nickname Freddy. It should be revived!

    Juniper - So. freaking. cute. And a way to get to June and Junie.

    Lilia - I see this as the most grown up version of the Lily names, and quite beautiful. Liliana is too elaborate, Lillian is still a little old fashioned to me, Lilia is just right.

    Georgia - Distinguished and connected to my youth when I spent my summers in the state.

    Ian - This was the name of a baby born to a friend of the family when I was a kid and it seemed exotic and unusual to me then. Now it seems a little short, but it was my introduction to unfamiliar names. I still have a soft sport for it.

    Dashiell - Another worthy namesake, for an author who stood up for his beliefs at a very difficult and shameful time in America's history. It's also a great sounding name, with, of course, the attractive nn Dash. So perfect for a boy!

    Also, Genevieve, Lilia, Magnolia, Elliott, Gus.
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    Some of my favorites today are

    Annastasia - It sounds royal and vintage at the same time

    Victoria - Again, very royal and vintage which I love!

    Francine - Very soft and feminine. Also the absolute french sound is awesome with a touch of sexappeal.

    Daphne - For some reason, this name has always given a vision of a lady in a pink gown that is flowing in the wind.

    Seraphina - It sounds so pretty and reminds me of angels.

    Micah - Even though it is a unisex name, it defines masculinity to my ear.

    Logan - Yes, it is trendy right now, but it sounds very cool and STRONG.

    Briggs - Again, the strong sound is very cool. Also, it is unique and different. I love this name!

    Ezekiel - It is a different sounding biblical name that is coming alive! I do love the nn Zeke too.
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    Lucia-I'm not a big fan of Lucille, I like Lucy, but I found Lucia and just fell in love with it. I kinda wanted a longer version of Lucy, so I guess Lucia just appealed to me.
    Maya-I always think of someone very pretty with this name.
    Scarlett- Starting to grow on me, not sure if I'd ever be able to use it, but it's just so feminine to me.
    Khloe- loved this name since I was a little girl, always told myself I'd name my daughter that.
    Hadley- a girl on my cross country team had this name and ever since I met her I've just loved it. It's sweet and makes me think of a friendly person. I don't like the increase in popularity though.
    Bronwyn-I just like it because I like B names
    Elodie- heard it last year and it's been in my top 2 names ever since. I really like "Raine" for a middle name, but found Lorraine last year, so I would name her Elodie Lorraine and as a possible nickname I'd call her "Ella Raine"
    Kenadi-I just like it spelled like this because "Kennedy" is apparently a boys name now so I wanted to try something more feminine and Kennady doesn't appeal to my eye at all.
    Kendall- I just love it OK. Maybe because of Kendall Jenner lol...
    Bryony-It's sweet and I can see a girl of any age with that name, I think it grows well
    Brinley/Brynlee-Although it's definitely growing in popularity, not a lot of people like it, but I have liked it for a couple of years before it was even considered "popular" but it's going down on my list. I know that it doesn't neccessarily age well..
    Ainsley/Ainslee- Not sure what I like about it, the name just appeals to me. It's not very common where I'm from either, which is nice.

    Chandler, Brantley, Bryson, Greyson, Easton, Wyatt, Logan, Elliot, Blake, Quinten, Gabriel, and Collin. I can't really describe why I like these names, I just think they're cute and grow well. They aren't uncommon. Idk I just like them.
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    I have 3 favorites right now. My sister thinks I'm nuts! She has totally different taste and we argue all the time over our Hers are much more trendy, while I adore the more vintage.

    1. Eugenia
    2. Christina
    3. Francine

    So lovely!

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    this is fun to see everyone else's faves.
    Here are my top 3 girl names in no particular order (most of these are literature/nature names)
    Alice- This is just a classic. It reminds me of all the things I love (books, rain, writing, fall, candles...) Also Alice in Alice in Wonderland is a great literature tie-in for me, considering it was one of my favorite stories and still is.
    Skye- This is my favorite nature name. I think it is beautiful and majestic in all respects and underused. This name is simple (though it is hard to find a middle name pairing for one syllable name).
    Avril- I love this name because it reminds me of my favorite music artist. I also think it sounds edgy and unique at the same time without trying to hard. I get a mixed reaction out of people when I tell them this one.

    Xander-I like this one because it is both masculine and unique. It is not overused, and isn't to popular. Love this name.
    Atticus-Both unique and classic. I love the To Kill A Mockingbird connection, and it ages well.
    Augustus- I love the The Fault In Our Stars connection, and it has multiple nickname options. It's not terribly trendy but not to weird.
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