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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    To me, guilty pleasure names are names that I love but would be hesitant to use for whatever reason.

    Current favourites:
    Amaury Philip Theo
    Archibald Charles Inigo
    Anna Ingrid Alexandra
    Matilda Olga Marina

    Guilty pleasures:
    Charles Illyrio Mithrandir
    William Adelin Hugo
    Evelyn Dagmar Visenya
    Saga Caroline Rhaenys
    Zelia/Elja • Nineteen • Name and history nerd from an early age • I have a blog.
    Trying hard to export beautiful old Danish names, magical Danish nature names and exotic Greenlandic names.
    Current favourite combinations: Henry Ásgeirr Edmund • Amaury Charles Fyodor • Alexander Adelin Lórien
    Cosima Ingrid Zenobia • Matilda Ivalo Galadriel • Gaia Margaret Undómiel

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