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    Isabella Rose, I like that your mom wanted you to use Rose... Great story to tell her someday!

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    I agree, Vivienne Rose is beautiful. I also love the sound of Rose Isabella or Rose Isabelle. Even though Rose has meaning for you, it DOES sound like filler. But, it is so unexpected and lovely as a first name.

    Good luck and congratulations!
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    Quote Originally Posted by seazuno86 View Post
    Isabella Rose, I like that your mom wanted you to use Rose... Great story to tell her someday!
    I agree. I love that your mother loved Rose so much. Great gesture for your mother. I like the simplicity of Isabella Rose. Isabella Vivienne is a lot of name, but it too would be beautiful and meaningful. Still I think if you could ask your mother she'd tell you to pick Rose. That's what I would go with.
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    Isabella Rose, Vivienne Rose, and Isabella Vivienne are all beautiful.
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    Isabella Rose is stunning!
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