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    Generation CAF With Initials

    Based off my best friend's family.

    Surname: S

    DW: BAS [72]
    DH: MJS [72]
    -DS1: KAS [47]
    -DS2: KMS [45]
    -DD1: CAS [44]
    -DS3: CDS [42]
    -DD2: BMS [39]
    -DD3: QAS [37]
    -DD4: LES [35]
    -DD5: BKS [33]
    -DH: (DS1) [47]
    -DW: CLS [47]
    --DS1: KMS [22]
    --DD1: BNS [18]

    -DH: (DS2) [45]
    -DW: JRS [45]
    --DD1: EBS [22]
    --DD2: SES [21]
    --DS1: TMS [18]
    --DS2: RMS [14]

    -DW: (DD1) [44]
    -DH: SAD [44]
    --DD1: KMD [21]
    --DD2: BMD [19]
    --DD3: GAD [16]
    --DS1: SVD [13]

    -DH: (DS3) [42]
    -DW: DLS [38]
    --DD1: BAS [8]
    --DS1: CDS [6]

    -DW: (DD2) [39]
    -DH: RJS [40]
    --DD1: ABS [19]
    --DS1: JCS [16]
    --DS2: BAS [14]

    -DW: (DD3) [37]
    -DH: JAA [36]
    --DD1: LJA [4]

    -DW: (DD4) [35]
    -DH: DAW [34]
    --DD1: EPW [14]
    --DS1: ARW [12]
    --DS2: IGW [7]

    -DW: (DD5) [33]
    -DH: CMC [34]
    --DD1: SJC [4]
    --DS1: PCC [1]
    Eva Catherine ♡ fifteen
    ♀ Genevieve, Juliette, Margaux
    ♂ August, Caspar, Theodore

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    Surname: Snow

    DW: Bonnie Anneliese Snow [72]
    DH: Montgomery Jasper Snow [72] (Monty)
    -DS1: Kai Arthur Snow [47]
    -DS2: Kingsley Moses Snow [45]
    -DD1: Cressida Arabella Snow [44]
    -DS3: Calvin Declan Snow [42] (Cal)
    -DD2: Beatrice Maxine Snow [39] (Bea)
    -DD3: Quintessa Alice Snow [37] (Tessa)
    -DD4: Lavinia Edith Snow [35]
    -DD5: Blair Kathleen Snow [33]
    -DH: Kai Arthur Snow [47]
    -DW: Cosima Louisa Snow [47]
    --DS1: Killian Malachi Snow [22]
    --DD1: Blythe Nicole Snow [18]

    -DH: Kingsley Moses Snow [45]
    -DW: Juliet Rowena Snow [45] (Jett)
    --DD1: Evangeline Bettina Snow [22]
    --DD2: Seraphina Esmeralda Snow [21]
    --DS1: Tiberius Morgan Snow [18]
    --DS2: Rufus Magnus Snow [14]

    -DW: Cressida Arabella Snow [44]
    -DH: Sebastian Alistair Darling [44]
    --DD1: Keturah Matilda Darling [21]
    --DD2: Beatrix Magnolia Darling [19]
    --DD3: Gemma Annabel Darling [16]
    --DS1: Simon Vaughn Darling [13]

    -DH: Calvin Declan Snow [42] (Cal)
    -DW: Delphine Lilac Snow [38] (Della)
    --DD1: Briar Araminta Snow [8]
    --DS1: Caspian Dominic Snow [6]

    -DW: Beatrice Maxine Snow [39] (Bea)
    -DH: Rupert Jupiter Sorenson [40]
    --DD1: Adelaide Bryony Sorenson [19] (Lady)
    --DS1: Julius Conrad Sorenson [16] (Jules)
    --DS2: Bellamy Asher Sorenson [14]

    -DW: Quintessa Alice Snow [37] (Tessa)
    -DH: James Albin Augustine [36] (Jem)
    --DD1: Lyra Josephine Augustine [4]

    -DW: Lavinia Edith Snow [35]
    -DH: Dashiell Alaric Wilde [34] (Dash)
    --DD1: Elizabeth Peridot Wilde [14] (Libby)
    --DS1: August Raphael Wilde [12] (Gus)
    --DS2: Ira Gideon Wilde [7]

    -DW: Blair Kathleen Snow [33]
    -DH: Clarence Marlowe Churchill [34] (Ren)
    --DD1: Sage Jessamine Churchill [4]
    --DS1: Phineas Cedric Churchill [1]

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    DW[72] Bethany Alice Sloane
    DH[72] Micah Jameson Sloane
    -DS1[47] Kato Amos Sloane
    -DS2[45] Killian Maxim Sloane
    -DD1[44] Christine Arabella Sloane
    -DS3[42] Cormac Dempsey Sloane
    -DD2[39] Bianca Maisie Sloane
    -DD3[37] Quincy Alexia Sloane
    -DD4[35] Lorelei Emerson Sloane
    -DD5[33] Beatrice Kyla Sloane
    -DH[47] Kato Amos Sloane
    -DW[47] Caralina Love Sloane
    --DS1[22] Kieran Milo Sloane
    --DD1[18] Blakeley Nora Sloane

    -DH[45] Killian Maxim Sloane
    -DW[45] Juliet Ramona Sloane
    --DD1[22] Emilia Bridget Sloane
    --DD2[21] Seraphina Elle Sloane
    --DS1[18] Thaddeus Mark Sloane
    --DS2[14] Remus Michael Sloane

    -DW[44] Christine Arabella (Sloane) Drummond
    -DH[44] Sebastian Alastair Drummond
    --DD1[21] Karina Madeleine Drummond
    --DD2[19] Britta Melanie Drummond
    --DD3[16] Gianna Avery Drummond
    --DS1[13] Sutton Valentine Drummond

    -DH[42] Cormac Dempsey Sloane
    -DW[38] Della Lexington Sloane
    --DD1[8] Belle Azalea Sloane
    --DS1[6] Caspian Drake Sloane

    -DW[39] Bianca Maisise (Sloane) Stryker
    -DH[40] Rupert James Stryker
    --DD1[19] Amina Bluebell Stryker
    --DS1[16] Julius Caspar Stryker
    --DS2[14] Briony Annalie Stryker

    -DW[37] Quincy Alexia (Sloane) Amon
    -DH[36] John Arthur Amon
    --DD1[4] Leonore Janie Amon

    -DW[35] Lorelei Emerson (Sloane) Walters
    -DH[34] Dexter Anderson Walters
    --DD1[14] Evangeline Priscilla Walters
    --DS1[12] Andrew Roman Walters
    --DS2[7] Isaac George Walters

    -DW[33] Beatrice Kyla (Sloane) Carton
    -DH[34] Corbin Michaelis Carton
    --DD1[4] Sybilla Julianne Carton
    --DS1[1] Penelope Cleo Carton

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    I am a 16 year-old Ravenclaw girl with many fandoms. You can call me Theodora or Phoenix. I do not plan on having kids, just lots of characters. And of course, I love names.

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    Surname: Sauers

    DW: Brenda Ann Sauers [72]
    DH: Michael James Sauers [72]
    -DS1: Kevin Alan Sauers [47]
    -DS2: Keith Matthew Sauers [45]
    -DD1: Caroline Alise Sauers [44]
    -DS3: Christopher Dane Sauers "Chris" [42]
    -DD2: Bridget Michelle Sauers [39]
    -DD3: Quinn Alexandra Sauers [37]
    -DD4: Lindsay Elizabeth Sauers [35]
    -DD5: Beth Katherine Sauers [33]
    -DH: Kevin Alan Sauers [47]
    -DW: Corinne Louise Sauers [47]
    --DS1: Keegan Marcus Sauers [22]
    --DD1: Brianna Nicole Sauers [18]

    -DH: Keith Matthew Sauers [45]
    -DW: Jenna Rose Sauers [45]
    --DD1: Emily Brooke Sauers [22]
    --DD2: Sophia Elaine Sauers [21]
    --DS1: Tyler Malachi Sauers [18]
    --DS2: Ryan Morgan Sauers [14]

    -DW: Caroline Alise Davenport [44]
    -DH: Seth Andrew Davenport [44]
    --DD1: Kayla Marie Davenport [21]
    --DD2: Bailey Margaret Davenport [19]
    --DD3: Grace Ann Davenport [16]
    --DS1: Sean Vincent Davenport [13]

    -DH: Christopher Dane Sauers "Chris" [42]
    -DW: Diana Lynn Sauers [38]
    --DD1: Brynn Annemarie Sauers [8]
    --DS1: Carter Daniel Sauers [6]

    -DW: Bridget Michelle Stevens [39]
    -DH: Richard John Stevens "Rich" [40]
    --DD1: Allison Brooke Stevens "Allie" [19]
    --DS1: Jacob Christian Stevens "Jake" [16]
    --DS2: Benjamin Ames Stevens "Ben" [14]

    -DW: Quinn Alexandra Adelman [37]
    -DH: Jonathan Arden Adelman [36]
    --DD1: Leah Jane Adelman [4]

    -DW: Lindsay Elizabeth West [35]
    -DH: David Anderson West [34]
    --DD1: Ella Paige West [14]
    --DS1: Adam Ross West [12]
    --DS2: Isaiah Grant West [7]

    -DW: Beth Katherine Conrad [33]
    -DH: Cedric Matthew Conrad [34]
    --DD1: Savanna June Conrad [4]
    --DS1: Porter Collins Conrad [1]

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