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    opinions on these mythological names

    these are names from greek mythologic

    Terpsichore pr turp - sik uh - ree
    Amphitrite pr am - fi - trahy - tee

    do you think any of these is usable ?
    if so i need a combo with two middle names

    thanks in advance
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    If i ever have a darling daughter , Persephone .
    If i ever have a dear son , Prometheus .

    Other favorites :
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    Andromeda and Asteria are the only ones usable in my opinion and Asteria sounds a bit like a hotel or a disease so I wouldn't be keen to use it. I do like Andromeda though, nn Romy.
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    Terpsichore - unusable. I think twerp and harpsichord.
    Amphitrite - unusable. amphitheater
    Mnemosyne - unusable. nobody would be able to pronounce or spell it
    Nemesis - unusable. crazy.
    Eurynome - unusable. you're a gnome.
    Pepromene - hmm. It's weird but not completely crazy. Might be too much like pepperoni though.

    Asteria - usable. I prefer Astoria, but Asteria is pretty as well. Unusual but nice.
    Andromeda - usable. I like it. Andy or Romy would be cute nn's.
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    Honestly, I think only Andromeda is usable.
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    I automatically think Astoria when I look as Asteria as well.

    Andromeda is by far the most usable here. And I really like it. I'd suggest Ariadne as well.

    Nemesis is probably the only other one, besides Asteria, that people wouldn't struggle with, but would you honestly name your daughter something that means adversary? The mythological backstory isn't appealing either.
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