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View Poll Results: Can't use both of my favorite boy names together--help me decide!

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  • Marcellus Cai Anderson

    19 29.69%
  • Caius Marcel Anderson (NN Cai)

    45 70.31%
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    2 names I'm in love with....but can't use both.

    If we have a boy, we need to keep Marcel or a variation of it, in the name somewhere, to honor a loved one who has passed away.
    So, I am now torn because my DH came up with Marcellus, and I LOVE it. But recently, I also discovered Caius, and I have ALWAYS loved the NN Cai (for a boy).

    We also love Job, and would love the NN Joby. So that is also a contender. But, I love Caius and Marcellus the most of anything! Problem is, together, I think it's too long and too much "us"!

    The possibilities between these two, then, are: Cauis Marcel OR Marcellus Cai

    Vote if you get the chance. I'm so torn!

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    Loving Caius Marcel nn Cai.

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    I think you could go either way. I think in a case like this, where I think either would be great, I'd wait to meet the babe. (Unless doing so wouldn't work for you for whatever reason). Congrats by the way!

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    Marcellus Cai is my favorite. You seem much more enthusiastic about Marcellus and Cai than Caius and Marcel.
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    I'm more partial to Caius Marcel, but Marcellus Cai isn't bad, either.
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