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    Does this sound awkward?

    Recently created the combo Savanna Joy Anastasia. The only kink I've found in it is the repeated 'an' sound in Savanna and Anastasia. Does it sound too awkward? Does it ruin the flow?

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    I didn't think so UNTIL I said it out loud. Also it's a little on the long side. I love love love Savanna Joy by itself though.

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    I don't think it sounds too bad, but it's not just the an sound, it's also that both names have anna/ana in them. I agree that Savanna Joy is nice though.

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    I think it's a bit awkward but it's easily solved.
    Savanna Joy is great and if you want three names I'd consider Savanna Anastasia Joy. I realize the -a A- isn't ideal but if you emphasis the pause it works well. I have two middle names and when I list them all I inherently pause between my FN and 1stMN as well as after the 2ndMN and LN. Almost like the MN's are almost double barreled.
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    I think it sounds very awkward, sorry! It's the Anna/Ana component to both names that gives be a lot of pause. Even though the Joy is in the middle I feel like I am saying Savannstasia

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