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    I love Parker! What an adorable name!
    My cousin has two boys and their names are Parker and Logan. I think their so cute together!
    I would suggest
    Noah, Jason,Kevin,Levi,Logan,Aiden,Liam,Reed,Jackson and Matthew.
    What do you think?

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    Lol, my husbands two very top choices have always been Noah and Liam but I am so not find of either
    I looove the name Jackson, but there was a family member named jack who was an abusive asshole and I never want my son associated with him.. So I can't do Jackson unfortunately.

    We have a cpl more that we found... Cyrus (real name of a bad guy in some batman comic) and Darwin (x-men)

    Another name we are sort of looking at right now is Coheed

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    I love Cyrus!

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    I really like Parker and Kent... or Parker and Clark... I have a friend who named his son Kalel, after Superman's name on Krypton... but I don't recommend that...
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