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    I think we have our boy's name finalized...

    It was some sort of miracle, but my SO and I both equally love the name, and neither one of us feel like we are having to compromise with the other. It feels very much like a win all around.

    Desmond Sanders

    Sanders is to honor my mom, Sandy, who passed away 2 years ago this week. Desmond doesn't have any real meaning to us, but it does fulfill all of the boy name requirements that I have. It has quite a bit of swagger, but it also possesses a bit of stylish-nerdiness. I can see a Desmond as a drummer in a band, an architect, an accountant, a surfer, or a CEO. It's a name that I don't feel will limit him in any way during his lifetime. That was one of my main concerns. I also love that it's a widely known name, but not incredibly popular. I think our family and friends will find our choice to be quite unexpected, hopefully in a good way I am not sure I would have come to this choice without NB?

    I love the nn potential of Dez or Dezi while he's a little guy. BTW, would you use Des/Desi or Dez/Dezi??

    We are both so in love with our girl's choice, Ione Marin, but we couldn't find a boy name that excited us as much until now. We are really thrilled with this name and the combination. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted.

    Now just about 6 weeks to see which name gets used...
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    Great choice! Desmond is a favorite in our house as well. Personally, I prefer Des/Desi, but the z does give it that zippy cool factor. Desmond Sanders and Ione Marin are both gorgeous names. Good luck and congrats!
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    Great choice!
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    Very nice. Desmond was on our short list, too, for many of the same reasons you mention. We would have used Des as the nn. I think it pairs very nicely with Sanders.
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    Desmond Sanders is the best suitable name for your kinds. It's unique names and modern type like celebrity name. I appreciate your choice to select the Desmond name to your kids.

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