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    Someone has to say it

    Please don't name your daughters Penelope because as beautiful as you might think it is I don't think you want your daughter to have the word PENIS in her name because pene means penis in spanish

    There, I had to say it

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    Please don't name your child Jesus because even though it's pronounced Hay-ZUES in Spanish, in English everyone will just call him Jee-zus.

    See how that doesn't actually work?

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    @augusta_lee: I couldn't agree with you more!
    D.S. lil Bam Bam

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    Yeah. You could probably find something wrong with every name if you stuck it into enough languages.
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    @augusta lee - Absolutely! Maybe if you're Spanish, you mightn't want to name your daughter Penelope, but, if you're not, then so what? It's a lovely name.
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