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    Characters' Names: Need Your Opinions And Help!

    I'm writing a book on a collective group of mythical creatures being trapped in one place for human safety. There's vampires, werewolves, fairies, dragons, banshees, phoenixes (sp?), harpies, and mermaids. The other mythical creatures are extinct. There are five main characters that become friends. Vampire twins, a harpy, a banshee, and a werewolf.

    Here we go with the names:

    Vampire Twins (boy and girl)
    Boy: Casanova Barnaby
    Girl: No idea. (I was hoping for something completely girly girl)

    The Harpy
    Girl: Zipporah Starling

    A Banshee
    Boy: No idea. (I was needing something dark and depressing since a banshee is a creature who, in my understanding, ran around a person's house to warn them of their upcoming death.)

    A Werewolf
    Boy: No idea. (I don't want typical werewolf names like Jacob or Alpha. What do you think of something like Legend or Elite?)

    I have debated on making this story for awhile due to character names and I would like any opinions and help. For the creatures who aren't main characters (fairies, dragons, mermaids, and phoenixes), I would like name choices for them because I'll be adding different, less-important characters that will be using all of these creatures.

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    Vampire girl:


    Banshee boy:


    Werewolf Boy:


    Personally, I wouldn't use word names for your main characters, unless you have a solid reason behind them. Think about what these characters' parents would have named them, what the characters would call themselves, What other characters would call them. if you have a story behind the name it will be a better name.

    For the more mythical, non-human creatures, think of names related to the character. A lot of the time a name like 'Forest-Burner' for a dragon sounds silly, but if that's the dragon's main preoccupation, that's what he'd be called, especially since his ACTUAL name is likely unpronounceable for humans; plus you can just call him forest. Appearance/activity names for dragons, flower/nature names for fairies, ocean/water names for mermaids, fire/bravery/rebirth/healing variants for phoenixes. The names will be believable, appropriate, and uncomplicated.

    I also read a series (The Belgariad, check it out), where the wood sprites (Dryads) all had names starting with the letter X. Something like this could also be helpful.
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    I don't know if this bothers you, but Banshees are female creatures/spirits, never male.
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    Really? I didn't know that.. I'll probably change the banshee to a male. I'll have to read more into it. Thank you!

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