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    Galilea and other sightings

    It's my first post, so hello everyone. *Waves tentatively*

    I came across the name Galilea while browsing the US Top 1000. I'm pronouncing it like Galileo with the -o exchanged for an -a. It sounds very pretty to me. What do you think about it? Like, love, loathe, can't decide? Any combo ideas?

    Other recent interesting sightings are:
    Alma (f)
    Alessia (f)
    Iliriana (f)
    Saffron (f)
    Sylvia (f)
    Costantino (m)
    Cyrus (m)

    Alessia and Costantino were British Italian. Iliriana was an Albanian woman. What are your thoughts on the names?

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    She's going to have a heck of a time learning how to spell that one...
    And her little kindergarten buddies are probably not going to be able to wrap their heads around the name.
    I like the name, but it's not a very wearable name in the days of the sandbox.
    I'd advise using it as a middle name.
    What about... Lina Galilea Celestia {EnterLastNameHere}

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    I think it's beautiful, and to deal with the sandbox issue(which could be a very real one) she could go by Gally,Lily, Lea, etc. I like Gally the best, as it's the closest to the name, but I do think it's a great name.

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    I think Galilea is GORGEOUS, and I don't understand why a child would have any more trouble spelling or saying it than they would a name like, say...Alexandra, Emmeline, Aurelia, Henrietta, Lilianna, Elizabeth? They might get asked to spell it a little more frequently than others as they age, as it's not a completely familiar name, but since Galileo is so familiar, and Galilea doesn't have any strange/silent/excess letters in it, I wouldn't worry about that.

    I like the other names as well. I've been seeing Alma A LOT recently, I bet it makes it onto the charts this year
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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    Galilea is a quite stunning name with a great namesake in Galileo Galilei, that one went straight to my list of great names

    Alma is one of my personal favourite names, I think it sounds nice when you say it out loud (and once you've heard a Swede say it, that's it, it'll be on you list of favourite names forever). I like Constantino, though I prefer the Greek Constantinos.
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