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    Modern/Unusual Jewish Boy names

    I'd love any suggestions!

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    I named my younger son Asa, which I love.

    I also liked:
    Judah/Micah (much more common, but not quite, like Eli/Ethan level)
    Sam (less popular than you might think, although I think Samuel is kind of popular)
    Coen/Cohen is kind of cool, and follows that whole Jackson, Caden etc trend without being trendy at all.
    Esai (can you tell I like vowel-beginning names?)

    Asa was perfect for us, because I like Puritan names and my husband is Jewish. I think Asher is slightly trendier, but still unusual enough.

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    I'd love any suggestions!

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    Hmmm... Some unique ones I know... Amos (Amos Oz is a great namesake), Ido, Yael, Amir, Ammon, Samson, Ephraim (love), Lev, Moses, Hosea...
    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14

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    Ezra, Ephraim, Solomon come to mind. I also like Judah and Ben.

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    My daughter would have been Lev if she were a boy. I also like Ira. I like the shorter names I guess.

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