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Thread: Wisdom Teeth!

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    Wisdom Teeth!

    Ok, this is a little random and nothing to do with babies or names at all and I didn't really know where to post this, but I'd like to hear from some berries please!

    A wisdom tooth is currently cutting its way up through the gum of my lower jaw. It hurts. A lot. Over the last few months it's been aching on and off but nothing too bad. However, in the last week it's been really bad. The outside of my face and jaw actually hurt to touch and it's getting to the point where I'm avoiding solid foods/chewing in general. From the look of the piece of tooth that is visible, it's not coming in sideways but I'm going to make an appointment with my dentist anyway.

    But as it's going to be a while before I see him, I'd like some reassurance please! I've never been that squeamish about medical & dentistry stuff, but I keep thinking of the worst possible scenarios- having to have it taken out, the dentist pulling on my tooth but not being able to get it out, anaesthetic not working, gums sliced open etc... and it's really freaking me out right now. I'm under the impression that it's standard procedure stateside to have your wisdom teeth taken out, so I'm hoping a few of you guys would have experienced this (or any tooth extractions, actually)- what was your experience? How much could you feel? How much does it hurt and for how long?

    I know it's probably different over the pond and everyone's experiences will vary, but I'd really appreciate it if you could help put my mind at rest!

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    Well, my personal experience was not very good...but my wisdom teeth were not coming in normally or simply impacted, there were complications, I'll spare you the gory details (and even so, it wasn't HORRID. It was very painful for quite a few days, maybe a week, and couldn't eat solid foods for a good few days, but nothing atrocious. I was also quite young, only 14 years old).

    The majority of my friends, however, have had their either impacted or healthy wisdom teeth removed at some point. Most of them don't go under anesthesia, just a local or "laughing gas". I suppose it hurts, but they recover in a day or two. The biggest deal is keeping the area clean to avoid infection, you'll need to avoid hard/abrasive foods for a few days or chew on the opposite of your mouth and frequently flush the area out. It's VERY common in the US (as unnecessary surgeries seem to be), and it's really no big deal. A bit annoying and inconveniencing, but nothing to be overly terrified of.
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    I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic about 5 years or so ago.

    The two on the bottom were only partially erupted, and like the tooth labelled A in that image there was a flap of gum over the top. The complication I had prior to getting them removed was that because of that flap, it was difficult to clean the gum/tooth properly and I had a couple of infections requiring antibiotics. Since there wasn't enough space for the teeth to come through they just sort of kept moving up and down in the gum.

    Because they were only partially erupted they had to slice the gum to expose the tooth, then actually section the tooth and remove the sections, rather than pulling them out in tact. As I said, I was knocked out completely, for which I was very glad! I don't think I would have liked to have heard/felt what they were doing. There would have been anaesthetic of course, but you'd still feel them tugging around, and the vibrations from the instruments etc. Blech!

    It was only a day surgery, so I went in first thing and went home after mid-day. I didn't find recovery too painful, I kept up with the pain meds and just ate lots of soft foods for a week or so; By the end of the week I was dying to sink my teeth into a steak or something with texture! The worst part was having the stitches taken out afterwards.
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    I'm 20, and I have all of my wisdom teeth. I have plenty of room, and they came in straight. It was VERY painful when they came in, but I found chewing gum and eating ice cream helped a lot. I developed a minor infection in the gum over one my wisdom teeth, and that was painful as well. I used a water pik and cleaned it several times a day and the infection cleared up within a week.

    I don't have any personal experience with surgery. My friend had her wisdom teeth out a few years ago. She was pretty miserable for a week, but fine after that.
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    I had two wisdom teeth removed when I was 23...they had not come in yet, but were coming in sideways/without any space. I was out for the procedure thankfully...painkillers made me so drowsy I mainly slept through the first couple days and then just lived on smoothies with my trusty ice pack for a couple more. I had the procedure on a Wednesday and was back to work no problem the following Monday. Healed up faster than expected and I'm a big wimp about dental work. Yes, it is quite standard in the US.

    Good luck!
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