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    Some of the worst on my Facebook news feed:

    A$pyn (why use all the y's?)
    Li@m Ax.l (I like Li@m well enough, but no)

    (please ignore the punctuation, just avoiding searches)

    I have a friend who really wants to name her daughter Melena.

    I know many people won't know this, but because of my medical background I know that the meaning of this word is "dark sticky feces containing partly digested blood." Eww! I know it has a different meaning in Spanish, but my friend and her SO neither one have any Spanish roots. I don't know what I will do if she goes through with naming her sweet baby girl this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by misselizabeth View Post
    ... On the other hand, I'd rather have a McKinley that have someone "use up" a name I adore. Because I am a selfish namer, apparently.
    I feel the same way! At first I get really excited to hear the name, then I get nervous they might use something I like. So when it ends up being something I would never personally use, I'm happy.
    I really don't know any people that have the same taste in names as I do. Most of my friends like names like Bentley, Neveah, McKinley. So I'm sure when I finally get around to having babes of my own I'll be the one with the weird taste in names!
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    It happens pretty much any time someone I know has a baby but the worst I've heard recently was a friend's relative (I don't know her) named her daughter Claxton. I don't even know what that is supposed to be.
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    My friend's older sister just named her daughter Braxlynn...

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    The best name I've seen on my news feed was Cole, which isn't even all that exciting. Scratch that, there's a Magnolia.

    I've seen at least three Ethans, 2 Joels, 4 Annabelles... and most of my friends aren't even in the baby-making stage of life yet. So I guess my frustration has been mostly boring-choice-based. I have a friend (nowhere near procreation) who went through a Nevaeh stage, ugh. I really haven't seen any horrid choices pop up, which is surprising given the types I went to high school with (I'd expect more from the college and grad school sets), but maybe I just need to give it time!
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