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    I like Cecily, and from your longer list I also love Elodie. For a boy, I like Stellan.
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    Delphine! Not a fan of Pascoe or Atlas.
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    I like Mila and Cecily. I actually saw Elodie in your signature and I love Elodie. I think it would work with with Mila. I would prefer Daphne instead of Delphine. I'm not really fond of your boys names I would suggest Hugo for a a boy. For a girl I would suggest Zoe, Claire, Laila, Arielle/ Ariella, Jade, or Riona.

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    I think Mila and Stellan would make a lovely sibset. I am not really a fan of the name Cecily and I prefer Delphine (or Daphne) with Mila. I, like others, am also digging Elodie.
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    I do like unusual boy's names, I'll own that
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