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    Honestly, I can't make myself love Cecily because of the meaning. But if you don't care, Mila and Cecily sound lovely together.For a boy Atlas, Walter, Birch, Felix or Kai would be great.

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    Mm, yes that does put a bit of a dampener on my enthusiasm for it. But I am more interested in sound tbh than meaning. Birch is a lovely suggestion, thank you.
    Kai is out as we are from New Zealand and Kai means "food" in Maori - I know I said meanings don't matter much but it's a commonly used word there.
    Two small people, Mila Arden and Cato Bennett.

    All done but still dreaming of
    Atlas Bram, Abel Octavian, Abel Roscoe
    Lyra Blythe, Delphi Winter, Elowen Sage, Inka Blythe

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    I like Atlas and Pascoe with Mila. i like Bay (allthough in NZ I would of thought Bay might have issues because of all the Bay place names (bay of plenty etc).
    Alpheus, Bram, North and March are others I thought you may like.
    Mila arden and:
    Atlas Grey
    Pascoe Reed
    March Stellan
    Fintan Bay (don't love Fintan but I think it does work with Mila).

    I love all your girls names. Every single one is beautiful. (I toyed with Alouette but wasnt brave enough, and I still would love an Elodie Rosamay)
    I think with Mila and Elodie or Delphine work the best.
    Elodie Wren
    Delphine Lyric?
    Goodluck... We're tcc #2 too.

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    Mila and Fintan is my favorite from your boy's names. I know a Fintan and I think it is a great name.

    These probably aren't unusual anough for you, but I also like:

    Mila and Jasper
    Mila and Jude
    Mila and Max
    Mila and Everett

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    Hi Milasmama

    Sorry this is off topic - but we are considering the name Mila and I was just wondering how you have found this name to be with your daughter? Do you get any problems with pronounciation etc? We would pronounce Mee-la, is that how your pronounce your little girls name?

    Regarding your question, I like Mila and Elodie, but Cecily is also nice.

    Good luck!

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