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    Thank you very much for you reply's it interesting to know opinions from all over the world. Thanks for being civilized!

    I have been searching for policies from governments in oversea's countries, but have come up with nothing. It might be too specific but does anyone know anything about the policies for Selective Reduction in their country?

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    Here is a link to an article about selective reduction in Australia (about one mother who made the choice to selectively reduce her pregnancy):

    There was a story on the Australian version of 60 Minutes about selective reduction, but I can't find it online. You might have better luck than me! It aired about a year ago.
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    As long as abortion is legal in that country, selective reduction will be legal. There will not be a government policy on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    I strongly disagree with selective reduction.
    Do not implant more embryos than you are willing to carry.

    I can not imagine having a conversation with my child at any age where I explained that I "reduced" one of their womb-mates and kept them.
    I agree with this. I just couldn't live with myself if I had to reduce. How do you pick? I'd be haunted with what ifs for the rest of my life. I think I would probably choose my own death if it meant I didn't have to decide!

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    In my first year of college, I had to do a small presentation in my ethics class. Actually, we had to do it with a partner, on a topic chosen out of a hat. Our topic was selective reduction. We didn't have the same opinion of it, so we decided to each present one side of the argument. ...I am pro choice; I argued for selective reduction. And regarding a multiple pregnancy, especially when the life of the mother is at risk, she should have the right to choose it. Multiples are almost always born prematurely, and consequently, there are medical complications associated with that (many of them, serious, and life-long). If I myself became pregnant with multiples, and reduction of the pregnancy was advised by my doctor, I would strongly consider it. I think if the overall quality of life was (potentially) going to be comprimised for all of the babies, then I would have a hard time arguing that. I haven't been in the position, though, to be able to say without a doubt, that I would go ahead with it. I'm sure that it is never an easy decision.

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