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Thread: Wisdom Teeth!

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    I am a very lucky girl in this one respect (well ok, in more than just this one but you know what I mean), I'm currently 34 years old and I still show absolutely no sign of having any wisdom teeth. Even on x-rays, they don't see anything. Part of me refuses to believe it's true because, in general, I'm *not* that lucky (I was struck by lightning, via phone, when I was 12 - that sums up my luck in general really)... so knock on wood!
    But I did want to add one thing to this conversation. I have had a terrible phobia of the dentist since I was very little. Every visit used to be a truly horrible, stressful, traumatic event for me. Knowing I had a toothache (and I've had many cavities and root canals, even extractions) was torture because I knew what was unavoidable. There is one thing that has saved me - prescription sedatives!!! I may sound flip but I'm NOT kidding. If you're not currently preggo, and you don't have any allergy to anti-anxiety meds, why torture yourself like this? Most dentists will give a terrified patient 2-3 pills you can take the night or morning before a big visit. And they make life so much easier! For people like me, who have a true phobia, there's just no reason to suffer so dramatically. Life is too short - and unfortunately, for most of us, dental work just can't be avoided. Granted, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) would be the ideal solution but that takes years, highly trained specialists, and who-knows how much cash. Since the dentist is usually something that only happens, at most, twice a year (much less for the majority of us), do something to make your own life simpler and less scary. Xanax, valium and klonopin were specifically invented for this kind of issue.

    Of course, you have to have someone with you to drive you home and you'll most likely need to sleep the rest of the day. But with a wisdom tooth extraction, that's a given anyway! Best wishes to you!!!!
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    Thank you for all these other replies! Dentist managed to fit me in today, surprisingly, and he's put me on a course of antibiotics for now. But if it doesn't get better, it'll be a referral to hospital for me :/ At least I know what I'd be getting into though. Thanks guys
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    Hope you don't need them out but if you do, it's annoying but usually no big deal. Getting your wisdom teeth out is a very standard procedure. (Even if the teeth were still in the bone, as mine were). I had all four out at once. I figured I didn't need want to go back multiple times. (I have a very small jaw with absolutely no extra room so they were definitely coming out.)

    Suggestion (from someone with A LOT of teeth/orthodontic/jaw treatment/surgery in the past).
    1) If the antibiotics don't work and you need to have your one wisdom tooth removed next week, I would discuss with your dentist and surgeon the likeliness of you needing other teeth removed and if they can be done all at once or in two steps.

    2) Also this might be a little over the top but I didn't eat ice-cream or any milk products for the first few days. (My surgeon suggested this - I don't remember the numbers but he said that there is a very small chance one could get a bacterial infection from milk products and suggested to stay on a veggie diet. If you need to go on a soft food diet, I recommend one veggie type at a time. (It makes it harder to be sick of vegetable soup when you can switch from carrot to cauliflower to broccoli between meals instead of having the same thing 7 meals in a row).
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