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Thread: Wisdom Teeth!

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    I have pretty bad anxiety about the dentist, even when I just go in for a cleaning, and getting my wisdom teeth yanked was the easiest experience ever. I wasn't awake for it. I woke up from being under and didn't know they had even done anything. I was sore afterward of course, but nothing to really complain about.
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    Thank you all so much for all your experiences, reassurances, advice and... wisdom I've calmed down now and I'm feeling a lot better about it today. And it is an excellent excuse to be eating lots of ice cream Hopefully, if I do need it out, it'll be as smooth and straightforward as it has been for you guys! Thanks for making me feel better x

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    I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed when I was 17, two days before Christmas lol. The two on the bottom had been pushing themselves thru, all were impacted, and hurt like heck. Before my surgery, my sisters and I watched wisdom tooth extraction videos on youtube, which actually helped calm me down, once I was able to get a sense of what would be happening. I have a hard time with anestetics and numbing medications and have small veins, so my only complication with the surgery was the IV/medication. I was extremey drowsy but fairly okay. I got home and was in a terrible mood because my pain meds wore off and it took my mom awhile to get my vicodin refilled. I ended up not using that because I had bad experiences with it. Like for one, I would be talking to my sister and randomly and instantly fall asleep. I chose to just push thru the pain. It sucked not being able to brush my teeth for a few days, bloody gauze tastes terrible, my mom said I looked like Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks (and it was Christmastime, so I had to pose for pictures as well). I was stubborn and determined to heal quickly, and I did. I was back to eating solids after three days, no other complications after that. I'd have to say that in all, I felt nothing during surgery (it was like blacking out, which scared me because I couldn't remember how i got into the recovery room), and when I first felt the pain it was like a 9/10..and I normally have a high pain tolerance:/ ..after I pushed thru it and got used to it, it was like a 6 or 7 for a while..much more manageable.

    I would just talk to your dentist/doctor/surgeon about pain management and take it easy. It's a very common procedure (at least in the US). Don't be stubborn as I was, and push yourself too quickly, if you do get them taken out. You could risk a dry socket, which my mom said hurts like he**. Take it easy and don't stress. My sister ended up puking a few times after her procedure (due to stress and vicodin) and it really irritated her stitches and gums. Good luck!
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    This thread is seriously freaking me out, mostly because I know I will have to have all four of my partially-erupted wisdom teeth out as soon as I get a job with insurance that will cover it, and I absolutely HATE anything to do with teeth. I have panic attacks and nightmares about my teeth falling out/breaking in my mouth so the idea of being even partially awake would absolutely terrify me beyond measure.

    I'm sorry to hear you're in pain, though, and I hope you get them taken care of soon I was told I'd need to have mine out before I turned 18, didn't because of health insurance issues, and then at 20 when I had insurance again was told "if they haven't come in by now, they're not going to". Less than a year later I lost my insurance for the second time only to have the first one start to come in a couple of months later. They're all fine, not impacted or anything, but it's definitely painful when they come through the gums. I could feel the swelling/pain on the outside of my face, too. I don't have any better advice than just to take tylenol or ibuprofen and try not to chew on that side. Feel better soon!
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    I had all four of mine removed last year.

    All I got out of it was this: If you DO end up having to get it removed, and they give you pain pills and nausea pills, take the nausea pill a half hour before the pain pill.
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