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Thread: Wisdom Teeth!

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    I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 16. Where I'm from, it's pretty standard to have them taken out as a teen unless your mouth is nice and roomy, haha. My middle sister had hers done when she was even younger (14), before I even had mine done. We had local anesthesia first and then were knocked out (I remember the doctor telling me to count to ten. I made it to nine, thought, "Oh, no it hasn't worked!" and then conked out, haha). My sister had been chatty-woozy after her surgery (think David After Dentist, and I was determined not to embarrass myself, so I insisted on writing everything down instead of talking when I woke up. My handwriting, of course, was like a four-year-old's, haha.

    I remember the first 30 minutes at home were the worst: the anesthesia was wearing off and the prescriptions were only just kicking in. My sister experienced no such moment; she just remembers that in her first few hours, watching Finding Nemo only took 20 minutes (ah, the effects of Vicoden...). My cheeks definitely swelled up like a chipmunk (but I had friends who looked totally normal after their surgeries, lucky ducks). It only hurt the first day (meds help!), but I spent several days on the couch watching movies with ice or heat on my cheeks, eating yogurt, ice cream, juice, and noodles cut into tiny tiny pieces. My stitches were the dissolving kind so no one had to go in and take them out afterward. Looking back, it's not the kind of thing you do for funsies, but it's definitely not so bad.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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    I don't usually look through this forum but recently there have been so many posts not about parenting!

    My wisdom teeth were super easy, not impacted or anything, and I've had all 4 out on separate occasions because they were getting infected when they were in. I was totally conscious-just a local anesthetic, no laughing gas, and a few pain pills for the few hours after. My procedure went like this:
    1. Dr. numbed with novocain, then waited a few minutes for it to take effect
    2. Dr came in, poked the area and asked if I could feel it, gave me extra novocain if I needed it
    3. Took out the tooth- I could hear scraping sounds and stuff, but I'm not at all squemish so it didn't bother me. I could see how someone might find that a little unsettling to hear, but I couldn't feel it, so I didn't mind.
    4. Stitched it up- I could see the thread and everything, but again, I couldn't feel it, so it didn't worry me.
    5. Put some gauze in my mouth and that was pretty much it. I had an antibiotic and pain medication (I think it was percocet) for the next few days, and I only ended up needing 1 pain pill and then I was fine. I had a follow up visit later to get the stitches out.

    There weren't any special preparations the day of. I went to work right before the procedure and the day after, and I drove myself to and from the office (you can't do that if you get laughing gas, obviously.) I didn't even visibly swell. The novocaine hurt more than the procedure or recovery did, and it didn't hurt any more than a regular needle prick. The extraction was a lot easier to deal with than the infected teeth were!

    However, my teeth were pretty easy teeth to take out from what I was told, and I have a high pain tolerance. I'm not sure how representative my experience is of the procedure as a whole, but for me it was not a big deal. Everyone is different and every tooth is different, so you have to talk to your dentist, but it sounds like you'd really benefit from getting them out.

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    I wish I could help but I still have all my wisdom teeth. I'm extremely unlucky and was expecting to have to have them removed but it was my brother and cousin who ended up with the most teeth problems in our family. Brother had some of his molars removed when he was a teenager and he said that was fine. I don't remember him being in agony or anything, he just had to eat soft food for a while. I'm sure you'll be ok

    My sole experience of surgery comes from having my tonsils removed a few years ago. Up until that point I hadn't been a hospital patient since the day I was born so I was totally fascinated and excited by the entire experience. Recovery was not fun though, swallowing was a nightmare for about two weeks and no one told me/warned me I'd been given stitches. It was therefore a total surprise when I coughed up a little black knot and I ended up having to fish out more loose ones with a pair of tweezers (which was fun).
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    I had mine out last year. The dentist just gave me novacaine (not sure how to spell that, just the numbing shot like when you have cavities). They came right out. I could feel him moving the teeth around. It didn't hurt at all, but for some reason I cried. The feeling of the tooth coming out just made me cry. It was very odd because I felt no pain. I think I freaked out my dentist though lol. They gave me a vicodin prescription, but I didn't need it after the first day. It wasn't bad at all. The worst part was not eating the foods I wanted until the holes in my mouth healed up. Lots of soup

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    Here's some reassurance: I had all four of my wisdom teeth out when I was 23. I had zero side effects. Everybody was amazed at how normal I was straight after the procedure. I literally ate a hamburger an hour after having my teeth out. I had no swelling or bruising at all. I had some pain for a couple of weeks and took painkillers, but nothing too bad. Overall, my experience was very straightforward. I hope yours is, too!
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