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    I don't expect it'll get much love here, but I really like Layla with Amelie. It's unexpected and I think it works quite well. It's more popular than your other names, but it's not epidemically popular (and I don't really think popular is a bad thing!)
    Perhaps the Leila spelling would feel more consistent with your regular style?

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    I think all your combos are pretty. Daisy Madeline and Lucy Annabel are probably my favourite combos, with Rosalind Victoria a close second. I think Layla is a pretty name, but with all the possible spellings it's getting really popular.

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    Rosalind Victoria and Lucy Annabel are my favorites! Daisy Madeline doesn't do much for me. I happen to really like Layla, but in comparison with Amelie Clara and your other names, it doesn't sound like it's anything more than a name crush, and wouldn't use it for a daughter.
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    Although I usually hate the name Daisy, Daisy Madeline is such a stunning combo. I never thought I'd like a Daisy combo. So my vote goes to Daisy.
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    Daisy Madeleine, its adorable but also classic. Daisy and Amelie are a great sib set.
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