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    Middle Names for Emily (NN Milly)

    What would be a good middle name for Emily. - I'm welsh and my boyfriend is Irish and we both have English in us too - so would be good to incorporate a bit of all of them. Amy-Louise is our daughters name. Surname K 2-syllables er ending.

    2 Names we do like Emily Adelaide and Emily April Starr.

    Any other names to go with Emily. - Nothing too unusual. - Nothing too 60's, 70's or 80's ish e.g. Hazel, Helen or Lisa. - Or nothing too old-fashioned e.g. Florence, Clementine.

    Also No repeating letter E.g. inital being E.E.K or E.K.K

    Sorry were both quite picky
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    What about Emily Grace or Emily Rose

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    I love the name Grace but my boyfriend had a ex who had a child called Grace so i would just keep thinking of her (I know she wasn't my boyfriends kid but the mother made my life hell when we first got together).

    I do like Rose as it is my nan's middle name but I already have it on my list so I don't want too many Rose's in the Family.

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    Thank you judyariel

    I like Emily June
    Emily Violet
    Emily Pearl
    Emily Bronwyn - I like but I was thinking of Bronwyn on another baby as a middle name
    Maeve, Marigold, Iris, Rosalind - I like these but they feel kinda old for my liking.
    Emily Willow - I like but my boyfriend is not keen on Willow.
    Arwen, Anwen, Blythe - I like but fell kinda strange next too Emily.
    I love Emily Cerys but I prefer Cerys as a first name.

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