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    What would you name...

    the darling child on the blog for 5/21/2013?

    Just in case someone post the day after the date, here is the blog entry link...
    Geek Chic Blog

    Link to the photo:
    Cutie Pie

    She has a uncanny likeness to one of my nieces when she was younger. Also some partial resemblance to a couple of family members. I wasn't even going to ask, but since I have seen her all day on the homepage (yes, I have nothing else better to do... ), I couldn't resist. I am looking for some fresh name ideas, so this is why my post is here and not on the "Game Forum".

    Thanks in advance!
    If I had an "Autumn" baby...

    Juniper AureliaJasper AuberonCamellia AmberPhoenix Alder


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