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    I can't imagine not giving all my children a name that honors my family traditions.
    Everyone in my family has a mn (usually 2nd) that honors the heritage of one particular great-great-great grandmother.

    I also think if I gave no kid a name derived from a particular family member I would do it for all of them.
    I'm not saying that it has a be a direct honoring but I'd want something derived from someone - same meaning, same initials, variant etc.
    I don't think I'd restrict myself to people I've meet but would consider the first family member to have come to the US or be born in the US (in my case that would be silly since I'm first generation american but you know what I mean). Someone who shaped what your family considers to be "family" or etc.

    If my SO and I stay together our kids (ideally if it were up to me) would have their "own" FN 1MN (to honor his family) 2MN (to honor my family) LN.
    And, obviously I'd choose them all.... <wink>
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    My parents gave some of us family names, and some did not. Same with DH's family. All my 3 kids do have a family member's name, and I will continue (if not a family name, then another name that honors someone we admire)
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