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    I hope you can sell Rhett! It goes really well with Ivy and Cora.

    Have you tried:
    Archer (Archie)
    Cormac (doesn't work with Cora)

    Merrick Liam works well with Cora and Ivy
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    How do you feel about Hudson?
    (Due in October!)

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    Unfortunately, yes. I think I've mentioned all of those names (I swear I've mentioned them all) to my husband. He is just so picky! The good news is that he really liked Rhett Maverick! I think it's Adorable too, especially paired with Callen or Ivy or Cora. I just need some time to sit on it and fall in love with it maybe a different mn would be better?

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    I'm glad he seems to like Rhett (have you considered Everett with the NN Rhett? I like Everett even more than Rhett myself), that'd be a solid name choice. I'm not such a fan of Maverick as a MN, but Conrad would be awesome (Conrad is one of my top names ever, I think it's kind of amazing. IMO it'd be the best first name choice of any you've thus far mentioned)
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    I think Everett is adorable but my husband has a bad connection to it. So Rhett it is not a huge fan of conrad but man my husband woul love that!

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