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Thread: Sister for Vera

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    Of your names, I like Felicity and Celia.

    Personally, I like like Asta, Alma, Marina and Saga with Vera, but they're all ending in -a, so.
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    Beatrice & Faye are my absolute favorites. I love Vera as well. Maybe Persephone would work in the middle for you? Especially with the simplicity of Faye I think Persephone works! I wouldn't think of gay Faye. I don't think it's common for girls to get teased with that word really.

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    I think Beatrice, Faye, and Felicity are adorable with Vera. Felicity could work with your last name since it's not repeating any sounds just rhythms. I also like the suggestion above for Persephone as a middle name.
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    I appreciate the suggestions! After considering your notes, I think I like Felicity Sage or Faye Persephone the best.

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    I vote for Faye or Celia

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