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    Amy is lovely, not dated in my opinion.

    Amy Clementine
    Amy Euphemia
    Amy Isidora
    Amy Lavinia
    Amy Roxanne
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    My name is Amy, I always hated it when I was younger, there were 4 Amy's in most of my classes.

    However, I like it a lot more now. I think that now it wouldn't be as popular as it was in the 90's.

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    Amy is a classic!

    However is you pair it with any name that was trendy/popular during the 70s and 80s it will sound dated.

    Amy Jessica, Amy Rebecca, Amy Michelle

    These freshen it up:
    Amy Olivia, Amy Piper, Amy Scarlett, Amy Violet, Amy Reese, Amy Lydia, Amy Adelaide

    I think Amy does fit with your girls names.

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    Thanks for all the input!! It has been an interesting discussion Alas hubby pulled it off the table (and pretty quickly after I mentioned it)... my SIL is named Amisue....and goes by "Ami", and well, sadly let's just say, she is not his favorite person. I don't see the big deal; as her name is really not Amy, but then again I am much more forgiving with associations when it comes to names I like then he is... SO... looks like we are back to Anna Caroline........
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    I would's not dated or classic. Sarah is a little more classic. Maybe this is more like Rachel? It has that 80's , 90's vibe, but it is also an charmingly vintage name with a lot of great history. A little Amy coming up today would share her name with a lot of the mom set, but it's like meeting a late 20's/early 30's Joan or Lorraine...if it's a good solid name I think it's OK. But I forgive the dated thing pretty easily. I even see the naturey charm of Heather, Amber, Dawn & Robin...

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