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    I was surprised by the positive response! DH's response on the other hand was, "See. I told you it was the name."

    Thank you, everyone. Maybe I'll have a little Forest (most likely in the middle) after all.

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    Yup, I totally agree it's fun, spunky, and refreshing, Eliza Forest. Oh and I have a similar story. I had a dream a few years before I was even pg with my first. It was just an image of my husband walking down the street with a little boy on his shoulders, wearing a red baseball cap. His name was Wyatt. That was it. I told hubby when I woke up and that decided it--if we had a boy, that was his name (and of course we did, and it was).

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    Such a beautiful story and Forest will be a lovely mn for a little girl! My son's name came to me in a dream, too!

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    I have been a frequent reader but had to join Nameberry just to reply to this. I LOVE Eliza Forest. I dreamed that my daughter was born and looked like a miniature version of my husband, dark hair and huge blue eyes. Her name had to be Pearl, and it is. My DH did not love it but does now.

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    I think as a middle name, Forest works just fine.
    I'm just hesitant about name dreams where the child from the dream was kind of like this big ideal.

    I do really like both Eliza Forest and Anna Forest, they're sweet and Forest is a pretty cool nature name in the middle.
    Years ago there was a show on MTV where they'd dress people up like celebrities and have them recreate a music video and there was a girl on the episode for Lady Marmelade name Forrest... I remember when that episode aired, there were a lot of posts about For(r)est on a girl.
    And for what it's worth, I can definitely see a girl named Forest with the looks your husband described
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